FILIT aims to train bailiffs/judicial
officers and lawyers on EU law

FILIT aims to train bailiffs/judicial officers and lawyers on EU law using a blended learning method To improve the implementation of EU legislation in the fields of civil/commercial, criminal, family law and data protection, raise awareness of legislation, jurisprudence and foster dialogue between judicial trainers of different national backgrounds, while strengthening cross-border cooperation between the different actors in civil proceedings in Europe.

The objective of the project is to provide training on a large scale: at least 360+ beneficiaries directly involved in the training activities. Additionally, the project estimates the participation of at least 70+ beneficiaries participating in the interprofessional conferences. Those numbers are further raised by the accessibility of the Academys platform with 500+ new beneficiaries estimated. The project will organise the following activities:

  • 3 online training of trainers’ on EU law.
  • 1 seminar on Legal English.
  • 3 recorded inter-professional conferences on EU legal affairs back to back with 3 training sessions in line with the topics of the conference.
  • 10 E-learning modules concerning the practical application of EU regulations in the Member States and EU fundamental rights.

Results expected :

Better application and understanding of EU law instruments in civil, family, commercial and criminal matters – better understanding of the impact of data protection legislation

Improve Legal English terminology and communication skills .

Better application of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights and procedural guarantees.

Large dissemination due to the drafting of e-learning modules on EU regulations and the creation of a website to ensure a continuous training and exchange of practices.

The project is innovative in terms of training of trainer’s activities while maintaining its relevance to ensure training on EU law at national level (snow-ball effect) and to guarantee the sustainability of the project.

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